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Agile coaching, training, and consulting for individuals and teams

Our Story & Mission

Led by Steve Pinckney, we specialize in driving transformative change. With over 20 years of change management leadership and business transformation experience, Steve empowers leaders to foster agile, resilient, and growth-centric environments. Steve’s approach, deeply rooted in servant leadership and bolstered by an extensive coaching background, positions Conceptia as a catalyst for high-impact organizational change.

Agile for Teams

Agile empowers teams to collaborate, adapt, and deliver value consistently. Practices like Scrum and Kanban facilitate transparency and productivity, enabling teams to respond swiftly to customer needs and market changes

Agile for Organizations

Agile transforms organizations by aligning strategy with execution, breaking down silos, and accelerating time-to-market. Frameworks like SAFe foster collaboration, innovation, and proactive responses to market shifts.

Agile for Individuals

Agile mindset and skills drive personal growth and success. Embodying values like openness and commitment, individuals thrive in dynamic environments, contribute to team success, and drive positive change within their organizations.

About Steve Pinckney

Steve Pinckney, Principal at Conceptia Management Consulting, is a seasoned expert in change leadership and business transformation with over 20 years of experience. He specializes in accelerating learning and fostering new behaviors and mindsets essential for driving change and transformation within organizations. Steve has led high-impact initiatives requiring significant leadership alignment and stakeholder engagement, working with prominent clients such as Chevron and the Veterans Administration. His coaching approach emphasizes empathetic attention, open inquiry, and a commitment to empowering leaders to discover their guiding vision. With coaching credentials including ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) and certifications in organizational change and project management, Steve is dedicated to serving leaders passionate about transforming their organizations and communities.


I had the pleasure and privilege if working with Steve for executive coaching with my organization. Steve's insight and knowledge always provided me a different, often better, perspective which has continued to serve me well since our coaching sessions. I would highly recommend Steve as a coach and mentor

Tim Stephenson – Department of Veterans Affairs

I had an hour conversation with Steve and it was one of the best coaching calls I've had. Steve gave me amazing tips for my career and he gave me suggestions that will help me in my current job. Steve was thoroughly engaged in our conversation and was brainstorming on how to solve my problems. Steve's personality is extremely pleasant as well.

Himanshu S – Project Manager

In my 27-year career leading IT teams literally around the world, Steve is one of the most exemplary and successful professionals I've ever worked with. I can count on one hand those that I hold in as high a regard. At my last employer, we asked Steve to help us set up and execute our transformation to Agile delivery. That relationship lasted 2 years before I left and now we've recently begun working with Steve again at my new employer in the same area. Steve has an uncanny ability to help coach people to the right paths and lead them with just enough wisdom and experience. His communication and listening skills are unsurpassed. He has an extreme amount of emotional and behavioral intelligence and is very skilled at facilitating strategy discussions, coaching execute behaviors, and coaching agile teams and leaders of all levels. My only regret with Steve is I wish I had crossed paths with him much earlier in my career.

Bryan Mjaanes – Westpath

Steve has coached several members of the leadership team at Cooper, including me. He created a safe space for me to be authentic, was able to help me to identify strengths that I had overlooked, and opened my eyes to other areas of my life which needed attention. Steve is a great listener, asked insightful questions, and held me accountable for decisions I had made. He has a genuine desire to bring out the best in people, and I really enjoyed working with him.

Tahera Khan – Global HR Executive and Leadership Coach (ICF)

Steve worked with us as an Agile Coach helping us with our SAFe implementation. He ran implementation, Scrum Master and Team Launch trainings as well as targeted one-on-ones with some of the leaders. He's very good at what he does and gives timely and insightful coaching as we progress in our maturity. We saw immediate improvement in our Agile processes, especially after Team Launch training, and are building some great momentum. I highly recommend Steve as an excellent coach.

Tobin Winters – Sr. IT Leader

Steve instructed a SAFe course for my team while we were struggling with a large, overwhelming project. I've taken many agile related courses; Steve's was the most personalized by far. He was genuinely interested in understanding the team's struggles and helping me and my colleagues determine a way forward. Steve used effective methods that encouraged all team members to share their opinions, ideas, and concerns. Since the course, my team has implemented a stand-up and Kanban board to help us progress at a better than expected pace. Morale is high and the team feels empowered! Steve gave the team the boost it needed to move ahead. I recommend Steve without reservation; his expertise and coaching style have been valuable and impactful for my team and organization!

Jennifer Marsala – Business Analyst