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Welcome to Conceptia

We are a Veteran owned management consulting and technology services company headquartered in Houston, Texas. We have helped clients deliver value and results through Project Management and Organizational Change Management in Asia, Europe, North America and Australia.

We speak Change.

By following a proven methodology, Conceptia will help you manage organizational change, ensure benefit realization and accelerate your Return on Investment.

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We speak Transformation.

Conceptia will help your organization address critical business needs and improve process outcomes by rationalizing systems and processes, mapping organizational value streams, and streamlining processes workflows while continuously engaging and preparing your stakeholders for the changes that will impact them.

Conceptia is your business transformation partner.

Our Services

We speak You.

Conceptia will take the time to truly understand the opportunity, your situational context and your organizational culture and values before recommending solutions. Additionally, we will work with you to identify and sharpen your personal goals and vision for success. Taken together, these measures will ensure that the solution we implement is fit for your stakeholders, fit for your organization and fit for purpose.

Our Services


From short term engagements to multi-year transformation programs, from individual coaching to team execution, you'll feel it: Conceptia is passionate about delivering maximum value to our clients.


Change is in our DNA.

All of our plans, whether part of a small project or a large multi-year engagement take into account the impact on people.

People Readiness

Business Transformation often results in a large number of associated changes in systems, processes and infrastructure. Conceptia, has broad experience working with organizations that are undergoing significant change. By applying proven strategies coupled with a strong delivery capability, our People Readiness services will help your organization manage change and accelerate ROI.

Guiding Principles for our People Readiness services:
1. Seek first to understand, then be understood.
2. Do unto others as they would have you do unto them.
3. The time to act... is now.

Conceptia can help your organization manage change through these key services:

* Organizational Change Impact Assessment - A detailed assessment identifying the changes a stakeholder group will experience as a result of a transformation initiative, and the corresponding changes in behavior the group will need to exhibit in order for the organization to realize the intended benefits. The assessment also identifies actions the project team should take to assist stakeholders in making this transition.

* Stakeholder Management and Engagement - Building on the Change Impact Assessment, Conceptia will develop a communications and engagement strategy designed to build awareness, increase understanding and ultimately lead to adoption of the change.

* Training coordination - Curriculums are developed for each of the major end user or support team groups. We will develop course delivery schedules and handle logistics planning and communications.

Project Execution

The markets and competitive landscape of business continues to change at an ever increasing rate. In order to quickly respond to these changes, organizations need to improve their ability to transform themselves. As projects become increasingly complex and today's business environment calls for greater returns on investment, its more important than ever to employ disciplined project management.

Conceptia can help your organization deliver projects through the following services:

* Project and Program Management

* PMO establishment

* Agile Team Coaching

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Government Services

Contract Vehicles

  • Size Standard: Small Business
  • Contact:
  • Phone: +1 844.ENGAGE.1
  • Federal Taxpayer ID: 20-4028543
  • DUNS Number: 625317602
  • CAGE Code: 603D7

Conceptia is a Minority and CVE verified Disabled Veteran owned entity in Houston, Texas. Below is a list of contract vehicles under which customers may obtain Conceptia's services. The list includes Agency-Specific Contracts (Multiple Award Contracts), and GSA Schedules.

GSA Schedule 70: Information Technology Services (GS-35F-132CA)

GSA Schedule 70 is an IDIQ contract administered by the Federal Supply Service of the General Services Administration. As a GSA contractor under FSS Schedule 70, Conceptia is able to provide an array of Information Technology products and services, including software, professional services and training. Any agency of the U.S. Government as well as state and local governments may take advantage of Schedule 70 task orders to secure products and services in a variety of skill areas, including systems analysis, design, and installation and programming.

Navy Seaport-E: N00178-15-D-8495

SeaPort-e is the Navy's electronic platform for acquiring support services in 22 functional areas including Engineering, Financial Management, and Program Management. The Navy Systems Commands (NAVSEA, NAVAIR, SPAWAR, NAVFAC, and NAVSUP), the Office of Naval Research, Military Sealift Command, and the United States Marine Corps compete their service requirements amongst 2400+ SeaPort-e IDIQ multiple award contract holders.

Training Courses

Conceptia is pleased to be a reseller of the complete library of Mentor Source training videos.
Government pricing is available.

  • Business Essential Skills / Project Management Skills
  • IPv6
  • IT Role Based Security Training
  • IT Training
  • Cyber Security Awareness Series
  • Active User Group Pricing Model
    • Course # PRODUCT NAME
      MSI# 2010 A Strategic Approach to Project Governance
      MSI# 2011 An AGILE Approach to Project Management
      MSI# 2012 Brain Power 2020
      MSI# 2013 Business Process Improvement
      MSI# 2062 Case Studies in Project Management
      MSI# 2014 Challenges Faced by the IT PM
      MSI# 2015 Closing off a Project- If you get to that point!
      MSI# 2016 Conflict Management
      MSI# 2017 Cost Estimation Techniques
      MSI# 2018 Creating a Business Analysis Work Plan
      MSI# 2019 Creating a Mentoring Culture for Your Team
      MSI# 2020 Creative Thinking at Work
      MSI# 2021 Defining Business Rules to Help Build Your Project Requirements
      MSI# 2022 Designing & Delivering Effective Presentations Part 1
      MSI# 2023 Designing & Delivering Effective Presentations Part 2
      MSI# 2024 Documenting Project Requirements With Use Cases
      MSI# 2025 Effective Goals
      MSI# 2026 Effective Technical Writing
      MSI# 2027 Essential Elements of Program Management
      MSI# 6010 Evaluations of Solicitation Proposals/Bids
      MSI# 2028 Gathering Project Requirements
      MSI# 2029 Goal Setting for Maximum Business Success
      MSI# 2030 How to Motivate Yourself & Your Team
      MSI# 2031 Intergenerational Dynamics in the Workplace
      MSI# 2032 Interpersonal Skills & Leading Teams
      MSI# 2033 Leadership & Neuroscience
      MSI# 2034 Listening and Note Taking
      MSI# 2035 Maintaining a Healthy Project
      MSI# 2036 Making the Business Case: Conducting Business Case Analysis
      MSI# 2037 Managing Changing Project Requirements
      MSI# 2038 Neuroscience And Managing Change
      MSI# 2039 Optimizing Your Work/Life Balance
      MSI# 2040 Overcoming Conflict Avoidance
      MSI# 2041 Perspectives on Change Management
      MSI# 2042 Project Budgeting Considering Risk
      MSI# 2043 Project Management in the World of Government
      MSI# 2044 SCRUM - Overview of this Agile approach
      MSI# 2045 Skills Required of the Successful PM
      MSI# 2046 Stakeholder ID, Engagement & Management
      MSI# 2047 Stakeholder Strategies
      MSI# 2048 Taking Minutes in Meetings
      MSI# 2049 Team Goal Setting
      MSI# 2050 Technical Writing 101
      MSI# 2051 The Art of the Deal- Negotiation Skills
      MSI# 2052 The Benefits Realization Journey
      MSI# 2053 The Science of Checklists and how to Create Them
      MSI# 2054 Time Management-Tools & Tips
      MSI# 2055 Transformational Leadership: Creating a thriving Workplace Through Authentic Engagement
      MSI# 2056 Understanding and Adopting Leadership
      MSI# 2057 Using an End to End Business & Technical
      MSI# 2058 Visually Representing Your Data
      MSI# 2059 Workforce Development
      MSI# 2060 Writing & Presenting Management Information
      MSI# 6012 Writing Effective Requests for Proposals (RPFs)
      MSI# 6013 Writing Effective Requirements for RFPs
      MSI# 6014 Writing Effective Statements of Work/Performance Work Statements
      MSI# 2061 Writing Project Requirements
    • Course # PRODUCT NAME
      MSI# 3011 Intro to Internet Protocol Version 6 (IPv6)
      MSI# 3012 IPv6 Addressing & Address Planning
      MSI# 3013 Troubleshooting IPv6
    • Course # PRODUCT NAME
      MSI# 4010 Breaking Down Cloud Security
      MSI# 4011 Importance of Configuration and Change Management to Security
      MSI# 4012 Case Study on Cyber Security Breaches
      MSI# 4013 Contingency Planning: Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plans
      MSI# 4014 Data Loss Prevention
      MSI# 4015 Elements of Information Security
      MSI# 4016 Ensuring Network Integrity
      MSI# 4017 FITARA and You
      MSI# 4018 How the Bad Guys Get InĂ³Host Application Insecurity
      MSI# 4019 Importance of Configuration and Change Management to Security
      MSI# 4020 Operational Security for Personnel
      MSI# 4021 Threats & Vulnerabilities
      MSI# 4022 Unlocking Security
      MSI# 4023 Web Application Security & OWASP
      MSI# 4024 Writing Security Controls into an IT Procurement
      MSI# 4025 Your Users Are Under Attack! (Social Engineering and Technical Attacks )
      MSI# 4026 Modern Open Source Intelligence (OSINT)
      MSI# 4027 Programmable Human Interface Devices (PHID)
      MSI# 4028 Security Essentials
      MSI# 4029 Wi-Fi Risks and Mitigations
    • Course # PRODUCT NAME
      MSI# 5010 Microsoft Server 2012 R2 - The Interface and Admin Tools
      MSI# 5011 PowerShell Basics - Ensuring smooth upgrades and migrations
      MSI# 5012 PowerShell Scripting Basics - Automating administrative tasks
      MSI# 5013 Server Virtualization 101 -with Microsoft Hyper-V
    • Course # PRODUCT NAME
      MSI# 6010 Backing Up Your Data
      MSI# 6012 Building Your Cyber Security Vocabulary
      MSI# 6013 Cyber Security While Traveling
      MSI# 6014 Data Theft Protection
      MSI# 6015 eCommerce Security
      MSI# 6016 Identifying Personally Identifiable Information (PII)
      MSI# 6017 Importance of Identity Protection
      MSI# 6018 Malware Explained
      MSI# 6019 Mobile Device Security
      MSI# 6020 Pairing Physical & Digital Security
      MSI# 6021 Phishing & Whaling
      MSI# 6022 Portable Data Protection and Data Destruction
      MSI# 6023 Safer Digital Communications
      MSI# 6024 Security by Geolocation
      MSI# 6025 Security for Cloud Services
      MSI# 6026 Security Overview
      MSI# 6027 Social Engineering
      MSI# 6028 Social Networking
      MSI# 6029 The Internet of Things (IoT)
    • Course # PRODUCT NAME
      MSI# 91010 eLibrary
      MSI# 91011 eLibrary
      MSI# 91012 eLibrary
      MSI# 91013 eLibrary
      MSI# 91014 eLibrary
      MSI# 91015 eLibrary