Project Execution

Project Execution

Nearly 58% of programs fail due to inability to change mindsets and 35% due to underestimating project complexity. As projects become increasingly complex and today’s business environment calls for greater returns on investment, it’s more important than ever to apply a structured project methodology.

 A result driven approach to project management

Conceptia's experience shows that companies that are leading the way in creating value through change share a common focus on disciplined project management. At Conceptia we tackle projects pro-actively and creatively to achieve the introduction of new initiatives and organizational challenges. We are already fundamentally helping reshape businesses into customer-centric organizations by applying a unique framework of project management principles and workflow. Our formal approach will help your organization achieve desired objectives within schedule and budget, while paying close attention to:

  • Delivering Results
  • Controlling Performance
  • Solving Problems
  • Managing requests for change

Our approach encompasses all of the processes necessary to determine where you are at, where you need to be and the activities required to get back on track if those are not aligned. From making sure that activities will actually meet the specified need, to devising a workable schedule, developing systems for reporting progress and managing requests for changes - Conceptia gives each of these items thoughtful consideration.


Proactive Management

The impact of a poorly managed project is profound. Projects seldom run exactly according to plan. Project deliverables must be maintained by carefully and continuously managing changes, keeping close attention to cost and resources at hand. Through effective project management, Conceptia is able to identify potential problems in a timely manner, take corrective action and accelerate the execution of the project.

  Ability to share Vision

An effective project manager is often described as having a vision of where to go and the ability to articulate it.


  Communication Skills

The ability to communicate with people at all levels is critical. Project leadership calls for clear communication about goals, responsibility, performance, expectations and feedback. 


The project manager must have the ability to effectively negotiate and use persuasion when necessary to ensure the success of the team and project. Through effective communication, project managers create explicit guidelines for accomplishing results.

   Global Experience

The relentless journey towards globalization means that project managers must understand cultural diversity, working across borders and the implications of a truly global enterprise.


Get Started

At Conceptia we have broad experience working across cultures, both on the ground and with remote teams. We know intimately the many aspects off-shore operations, best-cost country solutions and outsourcing.

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