Change Management

Change Management

If your business is pursuing transformative change, Conceptia commands the skills and experience to make it happen. By applying proven techniques to change management and a strong delivery capability, we can help your business to manage change and deliver results.

How Conceptia Approaches Change Management

Conceptia brings a disciplined approach to project management to ensure the swift execution and final deployment of change:

  • A communication plan
  • A plan for training
  • A plan for coaching
  • A plan for managing change resistance

The 8 States of Change – How Conceptia Drives Successful Change

Transformation presents a holistic and dramatic change. Our approach builds on 8 factors that are critical to achieve successful change.

1. Establish a sense of urgency

The biggest mistake when trying to implement change is to go forward without establishing a high sense of internal urgency.
Establishing a sense of urgency is crucial to gaining the cooperation needed to drive the transformation process. Conceptia will help achieve this by:

  • Examining the market and competitive realities
  • Identifying and discussing crises, potential crises, or major opportunities

2. Build commitment through team building

Major change is virtually impossible without the support of top management. Conceptia will help build commitment to change by:

  • Driving the creation of a group equipped with knowledge and authority to lead
  • Driving the group to work together in a collaborative manner

3. Developing a vision and strategy

Vision is vital to help direct, align, and inspire the organization. Without a clear, tangible vision, the change process can become confusing and diverted. Conceptia takes a holistic approach to change by:

  • Creating a vision that is clear, concise and easy to follow
  • Developing strategies for achieving that vision

4. Communicating the change vision

Under-communicating the vision will undermine all change efforts. Communication must be constant and credible to inspire employees to adopt a willingness to change. Conceptia takes an active role in the communication process by:

  • Using all available means of communication to consistently share vision & strategies
  • Working with leaders to project a role model for the behavior expected of employees through the change process

5. Empowering action & removing obstacles

Resistance to change is expected. While most transformation programs will face roadblocks, obstacles must be removed. Conceptia tackles each resistance barrier with watchful precision by:

  • Partnering with stakeholders to identify, understand and minimize resistance
  • Changing systems or structures that undermine the change vision
  • Support risk taking, forward thinking ideas, activities, and actions

6. Reaching Short-Term Wins

Real transformation takes time. Therefore it is important to create and show short-term wins early in the process, which in turn will keep the organization continuously encouraged. Conceptia will help gain momentum by identifying short-term goals to meet and celebrate while:

  • Planning for visible improvements in performance
  • Openly Recognizing and rewarding people who made the wins possible

7. Using Short-Term Wins to Achieve More Change

Celebrating success is important, but Conceptia recognizes that the job is only partly done with the first victory. Change needs to be deeply sunk into the organization culture which can take several years. Conceptia will continue to drive the transformation process by:

  • Using momentum to pursue change of all systems, structures, and policies that don't fit the change vision
  • Supporting the hiring, promoting, and developing people who can implement the change vision
  • Reinvigorating the process with new projects

8. Galvanizing New Approaches In The Culture

Two factors are crucial to anchor change in an organizational culture. The first is to show how new processes have helped improve performance. The second is that management will personify the new approach and processes. Conceptia will help galvanize the change in the organization by:

  • Creating better performance through customer-centric behavior
  • Helping communicate the achieved successes linked to new processes
  • Developing means to ensure leadership development and succession

The Conceptia Difference

At Conceptia we have broad experience working with change management. We tackle projects from a neutral standpoint; seize the opportunities that occur, while delivering your projects on time and budget.
Conceptia is a global project management consulting and technology services company. We have helped clients deliver value and results through project management in Asia, Europe, North America and Australia. Combining unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities across all industries, Conceptia collaborates with clients to help them become tomorrow's leaders.

To learn more about our approach to Change Management, click here.

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